la hierba crece detrás

The aim of this publication is to determine how to convey or translate the notion of space in another medium; to express in words how different people, in different professions, work and think about the notion of space.

This publication is accompanied by the exhibition Contorno Desia to be shown at the Jareño Culture Centre in Donostia, in Septiembre, 2014 with the following titles and collaborations:

Travesía. Conversación con Teresa Iturrioz
Sobre los dibujos de Translation. Ion Munduate
Un oriente sin remedio (lecciones de abismo). Oscar Holgado
Canal y MalevichMaite Vélaz
La perspectiva. Joaquin Pascual
Párpados (1989 Ivan Zulueta). Transcripción fragmentada

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