2nd session analphabet orchestra

Second session to the experimental study group based on the forthcoming publication of Publicación Analfabeta 2.

As I told you last month, I am receiving contributions for this publication. They are texts and proposals from people who have participated in the analphabet orchestra before, and who in some way work on the ideas that are practiced there. Ideas such as, for example, not submitting to the categorisation of disciplines or the rules of a medium, altering them, highlighting free interpretations and producing fields of possibilities, or the possibility of producing diverse fields together.

We continue with one afternoon a month to practice the session, which will consist of reading a contribution from the publi (not yet published) and practising playing in the orchestra.

If you think you might be interested in the subject matter and methodology, I propose to continue with the text by the artist Jorge Satorre on Monday 21 August (from 17:30 to 20:00).

Here more info about the analphabet orquestra project: http://analphabet.hotglue.me/
and here more info about the space where it will take place: https://alkoleabeach.hotglue.me/