Anaïs Boudot

Anaïs Boudot (Metz, France, 1984) is an artist-photographer and she usually works with analog media and techniques. On this occasion, she presents two pieces that work due to the sunlight. They are two pieces (or shapes) in which the sky (UV light) and the trees (shadows) are linked.

“The forests suppose hundreds of square meters of foliar surface to capture the metabolized carbon through their leaves, and the decomposing leaves generate fertile soils. With the piece of cloth in cyanotype I wanted to put this leaf surface in light, to unfold the whole tree. Cyanotype is a photographic technique, a chemical process that works with ultraviolet light, in the same way that leaves acquire their green color due to chlorophyll. I have experienced the project as an opportunity for testing. Some stones have been painted with photosensitive paint, and photographic traces of the projected shadows are generated on them, changing according to the UV rays of the sky. These are linked with the leaves in the action of UV light”.

Photo credits:
@olesyadronyak @amaiamolinet