ARTzai topaketa 2018. Agropastoral Artistic Meeting

16 June 2018

On Saturday, 16 June, “ARTzai Topaketa 2018. Agropastoral artistic meeting” will be held in Karrantza, where the exhibition will be inaugurated for the II Ondo Bizi Arte egonaldia – Second Good Living Artistic Residency held last April in Karrantza. There, artists Itxaso Díaz (Gallarta), Bruno Delgado Ramo (Seville), and Onintza Etxebeste (Oiartzun) will present the works they created through this experience, attempting to expand the space for reflection, debate, and dissemination regarding the state of the world of sheep and shepherds in Karrantza from the perspective of art; offering spaces and moments for shepherds and shepherdesses to live together with artists.