ARTzai topaketa 2019. agropastoral artistic gathering

The 6th Special Carranzana Black-faced Sheep Meeting will take place on Saturday June 15th from 11am in Ambasaguas, Karrantza. During this festive gathering a large number of local shepherds will bring their sheep down from pasture to the plaza, where they will be joined by local people and fellow shepherds to promote, share and celebrate this cherished and endangered animal.

The exhibition of the III Ondo Bizi Arte egonaldia – Third Good Living Artistic Residency, held in April in Karrantza, will be inaugurated at 8pm in the Museo Dolomitas by the Mutur Beltz Association. Artists Carma CasulaCarla Boseman and the collective formed by Carmina P. Soriano and Diego G. will present the works created during an experience which has attempted to expand the space for reflection, debate and dissemination relative to the state of the sheep and shepherding world in Karrantza, from an artistic perspective. The residency offers spaces and opportunities for shepherds and shepherdesses to live together with artists.