resolution of the call

The Technical Commission of eremuak after the evaluation of all the presented proposals, award the residency at AZALA to  Estanis Comella.

=> The residency period will run from January 17 to February 24, 2022.

In collaboration with AZALA, eremuak is calling for applications for a residency for artists and/or creators from or residing in the Basque Autonomous Community. The call is exceptional, in a year in which the possibility of travelling abroad has been limited, and is offered in order to support artists and/or creators working in the context of the visual arts.

Azala is a place for metting among artists, creators, activists and thinkers located in Lasierra, Álava. As dance and stage arts are the epicentre of this place, its shockwave spreads and permeates naturally and promiscuously other artistic disciplines. Located in a geobotanical enclave of Mediterranean holm oak and wheat fields, AZALA is both a space for artistic practices and cultural creation and a space for group stays that require time and space in contact with nature.