album (aimar arriola)

Album is an intermittent editorial platform run by Aimar Arriola and based in the Basque Country. Started in 2011, Album focuses on the production and socialisation of printed matter. Broadly speaking, Album is conceived a practical and collaborative investigation into different types of publications. At the same time, Album is an approach to the book object from a curatorial perspective. So far, Album has published three titles: Album # 1 – Style As Resistance (2011) – designed by ferranElOtro; Album # 2 – Antonio Gagliano, El Espíritu del siglo XX (2014) – designed by Ariadna Serrahima; and Album # 3 – Duen Sacchi, Ficciones patógenas (2018), co-edited by Brumaria and designed by Jorge Miñano.