alejandra bueno de santiago

Vitoria Gasteiz, 1987. Alejandra studied Fine Art at Leioa and has a master’s degree in visual art and multimedia from Valencia. She currently teaches classes in audiovisual production at the university.
She is a versatile artist whose work focuses on performance, action and video, using all of these as a tool for creating work which gives a social critique of the patriarchal system, and purely experimental work which aims to explore image and identity in the technological age. Alejandra looks for errors and subversion in technology, involving the viewer either actively or passively.

Her work has been on display and won awards at a number of festivals, galleries and museums such as Montehermoso, Amarika, Reina Sofia, La Llotgeta, etc., and she has travelled across Europe staging various performances in Italy, England, France and Germany. She has been awarded scholarships on three occasions for engaging in her own artwork.