anton iturbe

(Urretxu, 1971)

Antton has worked in the world of music journalism for 12 years, publishing texts —both in Basque and in Spanish— through diverse outlets, including Entzun, Berria, Badok, Mondo Sonoro, Karate Press, Concepto Radio, TIU, Canino Magazine, and Agente Provocador. Despite not being a journalist by training or trade, the plurality, depth, and range of his articles have been in crescendo over the years thanks to the driving force of his avid passion for music. In his recent work, he has explored the relationship of music and sound in general with other art forms and the influence they exert. A good example of this are his articles on the various artists that have collaborated with Mursego, written for Canino Magazine, or his texts on the various currents of underground Japanese art published since the 1960s in Agente Provocador. He has also conducted interviews (in front of audiences) and acted as a round table moderator both at the Durango Fair and the electronic music festival MUGAko in Gasteiz.