AUDIOLAB is a non-profit cultural association dedicated to research in sound. With its main goal of promoting the culture of sound in modern society, this open platform dedicated to collaboration is based on experience acquired over the years and amassed in the projects developed, including the ERTZ Other Music Festival, the ARTELEKU sound laboratory of contemporary art, editorial projects (NOISE & CAPITALISM), organising exhibitions (TABAKALERA SOINUTAN, ENTZUNGOR, ZOOO…), research work ([UN]COMMON SOUNDS, ROMA MAUBERE, OPEN SOUND…), etc.

Convinced of the fact that working on hearing through listening means dancing on the lines between the fields of art, documentaries, research, social issues, and anthropology, AUDIOLAN means to work in this rich field that has until now been mostly overlooked by mainstream lines of research. For this reason, collaboration, co-education, and experimentation are tools essential to all of our projects.