There are three of us that have initiated this project: Joel Englund (Sweden), Camila Téllez (Chile-Basque Country), and Myriam Rzm (Basque Country). We come from backgrounds of different practices, arts, visuals, writings, performances, sounds, and lives, where mobility and modes of inhabiting are of particular importance. We met each other in the Basque Country in 2015, and since then we have started to imagine the possibility of constructing a safe space for ourselves out of necessity and affinity, that could eventually be a refuge to share with others. In this sense, we are sensitive and attuned to positions and situations that, involving migration, dissidences, transitions, cultural inclusion, emotional processes and the life and work burnout, make a self-care space for artists necessary.


Thanks to I-portunus Houses, a mobility project from the European Cultural Foundation, we were able to begin planning DAS. together with the Goethe Institute in the Spring of 2022. Thanks to eremuak’s support, we will be able to continue developing this prototype throughout 2023.