grace livingston

Cadiz, Granada, Leicester, Barcelona, Havana, Brighton, Almeria and Bilbao have been my homes, the settings for all the stories, the places where the miracles occurred, or didn’t. I am currently living in the green, noisy, experimental Basque Country and as people often say, in Facebook. I like it. I was born to draw and write all night.

My hobbies are taking photos with my smartphone, dancing and falling in love.

I studied Fine Arts and bought my graduation photograph with great pride. The day we posed for the class photograph I straightened my hair, used excessive makeup of iridescent blues and finally drew some black, eternal wing eyeliners. They seemed to wrap right round my head and join up behind, like a mask.

My grandmother bought a frame for the photo and placed it on top of a huge, silver-grey TV.

I also have a Masters degree in design.

I was born to draw and write all night.

A storm of polka dots is unleashed; You Tube is on fire; there is no longer enough chocolate in the world. Nor can there be a world without the compulsive need to work. Swan.

Here is a sample of my work.