itziar bilbao urrutia

Itziar Bilbao Urrutia has lived and worked in London since 1996, where she has set up a practice in artistic circles linked to subcultures. After doing a Masters in Visual Arts at Goldsmiths College, her interest in the sexual disobedience of the Monstrous Feminine, has led her to include tools of expression unrelated to the art tradition. Since 2004, her projects have been based on an exploration of the British fetishist scene as a space of identity and praxis, as well as digital pornographic production as performance. Today, she produces and edits The Urban Chick Supremacy Cell, where she mixes the discourse of the Femdom with the aesthetics and rhetoric of historical political radicalism, such as Valerie Solanas and the Baader-Meinhoff group. Her works also include essays and newspaper articles in Spanish and English, which have been published in several various media.