ixiar rozas elizalde

Ixiar Rozas Elizalde (Lasarte-Oria, 1972). Writer. I research the materiality of voice and language in both a practical and theoretical way. My books, articles and other material have been published in several countries and languages. The titles include: Negutegia (2006, 2009), Ejercicios de ocupación. Afectos, vida y trabajo (2015, co-edited with Q. Pujol), Beltzuria (2014, 2017), 20.20 (2017, CD, with M. Salgado). I have collaborated with numerous artists and thinkers.

I organise collaborative encounters between critical thinking and contemporary art: Periferiak (2002-2007), ERresonantzian (2011), Arrakalatuta (2015), Proklama (2013-2019). I have a PhD in Fine Arts and am a professor of artistic education (Mondragon Unibertsitatea) and of the Master’s Degree in Research and Creation in Art (UPV/EHU) and I am a member of AZALA space (Gure Artea Prize, 2017).