izibene oñederra aramendi

Azkoitia, 1979. A graduate of fine arts and teacher at the University of the Basque Country. She creates and produces traditional animated films, including Hezurbeltzak, Una fosa común (2007) and Hotzanak. For your own safety (2013). She directed the short film Kutxa Beltza (2016) with the animator Isabel Herguera as part of the movie Kalebegiak (produced by Moriarti and DSS2016), and also contributed to the films Beti Bezperako Koplak (2016), Berbaoc (2008) and Amar (2010). Her animated films have competed in the most prestigious international festivals and received various awards: Animafest (Croatia), Annecy (France), DOK (Leipzig)… She was also an audiovisual curator with the MAPA group.