javier manterola arizmendi

Irun 1973. Creator and musician in the groups Lisabö and Amodio. Vocalist and guitarist. He has produced 6 records with Lisabö since 1999 (“Demo” 1999,“Ezarian” 2000, “Egun bat nonahi” 2002,“Ezlekuak”, BideHuts 2007, “Coupages vol.1 single” 2008 and “Animalia lotsatuen putzua” 2011). In 2004, with Amodioa, he published “Amodio vol-1”. After many years of playing live, he stands out for his approachability and the ephemeral nature of the performance, the concerts of the group Tiro Baixo and the tribute to Mikel Laboa with the group Deusoideak (Lisabö-Mursego).