jose mari zabala

Jose Mari Zabala is an independent creator of experimental images and sound, with a defining focus on the Basque Country. Essential are his musical contribution in “Ez Dok Amairu” and with Mikel Laboa, as well as his soundtracks in film —”Axut”— and video.

In terms of images, in addition to personal experimentation, his iconographic contribution reaches all levels as the author of posters, book and record covers, and radical themes.

In terms of film and video, from his first feature “Axut” (1975) to “El crimen de Hernani” (1985), his first award at the San Sebastian Film Festival, or “Cuba Corazón” (2001) and “Hondartza” (2016), he has garnered the interest of public organisations such as the Galician Film Library of A Coruña and the CGAI (Galician Film Centre), as well as private ones, such as Bilbao’s CarrerasMugica gallery.