josé ramón ais

Bilbao, 1971. Holds a degree in Fine Arts from the University of the Basque Country which he later supplemented with further studies in landscape design. His work is a reflection and analysis of concepts related to the construction and depiction of landscapes. He is interested in exploring emotional links and the ways in which stories, ideologies, desires, utopias and other factors are projected onto the landscape. His work processes bring together photography and image post-processing techniques, fieldwork, historical research and the cultivation and observation of the species he works with.

He has participated in various exhibitions including Peace Treaty in the Didam art centre in Bayonne (France), Nada temas, dice ella in the National Sculpture Museum in Valladolid and Natural, pas natural in the Frac Corse art museum (France), in addition to his solo exhibition Parque natural in the Botanical Gardens in Madrid.