joseba edesa

Joseba Edesa was born into a pastoral family in Karrantza in 1985. He has developed professionally as a Professor of Physical Education at various public and private centres in Biscay in the area of Education. He holds a Degree in Sports and Physical Activity Sciences, and a Teacher’s Diploma in Physical Education. He has also trained at the School of Shepherds in Arantzazu, with the aim of increasing the degree of professionalism of his activity in the sheep sector, as a shepherd and cheese maker. Although he always says that his great formation has been in the street and in the stable, the rest are titles.

At present, he lives in Karrantza, (Bizkaia); he helps his family in the management of the shepherding and the works of the farm. At the same time, he develops his activity as a co-founder member of the Mutur Beltz project; where he cultivates different functions to promote the sheep of Carranza. Among them, we can highlight a wide research work on the Basque wool, with the aim of revaluing it as a raw material and thus creating a circular economy where shepherds receive a fair price for their wool.