juan pablo ordúñez + fermin díez de ulzurrun

Juan Pablo Ordúñez / MawatreS (Madrid, 1986) lives and works in Bilbao. A Fine Arts graduate from the University of the Basque Government, his work relates to concepts such as intervention, commemoration and specificity. He is the Coordinator of the Deusto Bridge Artistic Interventions project and operations director of Maslow Industries.

Fermín Díez de Ulzurrun (Pamplona 1972) lives and works in Pamplona. His work exhibits a constant relationship to concepts such as production methods, relocation and automation.  He is director of Maslow Industries.

Both authors develop a common working dialogue, as is the case of the Money Laundering project.

His oeuvre has been shown in institutions such as the MUSAC in Leon, the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, the Huarte Centre and the Citadel in Pamplona, the Sicart Gallery in Barcelona and the Addaya Arts Centre in Alaró, among others.