manu tarrazo

Madrid, 1993. I work in artistic creation. I am sensitive to image and combine different modalities that communicate with one another: painting, photography, installations, but mainly life and video. I draw on my immediate surroundings to record its possibilities and generate new intimacies. I’m actively involved in the audiovisual artistic group collocazione.

En el parque árbol rama, hoja está inquieta. Nada en claroscuros a corazón del cercano y ama el error de lo que más detesta. Sin vida el arte no encuentro. Sin broma la calma no encuentro, que todo esto es importante, pero no tanto.

On the tree branch in the park, the leaf is unsettled. Nothing in chiaroscuro to the heart of what’s near, loving the mistake of what it hates most. Without life, I find no art. Without humour, I find no calm, all of this is important, but no so much.