marc navarro

Marc Navarro Fornós is a curator and writer. His work has been published in media outlets such as El Estado Mental and ADESK and his texts have been included in catalogues such as Lubricán by Julia Spínola (CA2M, Móstoles, 2018), Generación 2018 (La Casa Encendida, Madrid, 2018), I can only tell you a few things about what happened by David Mutiloa (La Capella, Barcelona, 2018) and Talk Trouble by Claudia Pagès (La Capella, Barcelona, 2018). In 2014 he curated the exhibition El martell sense mestre (The hammer without a master) in the Can Felipa Civic Centre (Barcelona), and he is curator of the 2019/2020 programme for Espai 13 (Fundació Joan Miró, Barcelona).