marina suárez ortiz de zarate

Vitoria-Gasteiz, 1988. Artist and performer. Degree in Fine Arts from the UPV/EHU. Master’s degree in Stage Performance and Visual Culture (UCLM, Artea, MNCARS). Her education covers plastic arts and stage performance, complementing her own creation with courses and laboratories given by many artists.

She has worked on individual and collective projects with national and international artists, and has been a resident artist in spaces such as Bilbaoarte, Bulegoa z/b, Teatro Pradillo, Azala, Garaion, S’ala or Tabakalera. Her works have been on show at a number of spaces, festivals and galleries.

Since 2013 her main activity is linked to the Baratza hall. She currently directs the hall’s stage creation laboratory and coaches the creation processes of several emerging artists. She is also a founder and member of the Tripak troupe.