modelos operativos abiertos (MOA)

Modelos Operativos Abiertos (MOA, ‘Open Operational Models’) is the name of a human work group comprised of Alberto Diez Gomez and Mar Dominguez Quijada, which was created in 2014 as a work space for convergence, initiative, and resistance. MOA was born out of the Art Research and Creation Master’s Programme at the UPV/EHU, and was then established in the exhibition hall of Bilbao’s Alhóndiga during El Contrato exhibition.

The group was built on certain concrete assumptions of common interest: approaching art by addressing the aspects and problems that arise from the field of contemporary art: The reconfiguration of implicit conventions and meanings in exhibition spaces, artistic and educational procedures; and the idea of production. Implementing a way of working in which time, space, and profitability are excluded from its conventional magnitude. As a result, our work in the field of art has strayed from the production of artistic objects.