mutur beltz elkartea

Mutur Beltz Elkartea is an agroecology, art, and culture association, with no profit motive in mind, which promotes the Carranzana sheep – a breed currently threatened with extinction, in the same way as the shepherd’s trade itself. This local initiative in Biscay’s Karrantza Valley uses agroecology, artistic practice, and design to tackle the loss of this knowledge. 

With the help of the drawing of a sheep, the Mutur Beltz association has structured its different principles of action and objectives to be achieved. In the head would be the values from where they start: to preserve, to create, to participate, etc. On the other hand, there would be its four legs, each one of them understood as different departments: ART, WOOL, MILK and MEAT. Four sections from which they work from a holistic perspective. Understanding that each one of them interweaves its interests with the rest, forming a whole. In this sense, we want to promote the philosophy of good living. This political commitment seeks the common good and social responsibility from its relationship with Mother Nature.

The Mutur Beltz project initiative came into being in 2015 as a small, lifelong project of Joseba Edesa and Laurita Siles