natalia suárez

Vitoria-Gasteiz, 1994. 

Natalia Suárez Ortiz de Zárate lives and works in Bilbao. After completing the Art degree course, she enrolled in the master’s degree course in Painting at the UPV. She has participated in several exhibitions, including the collective “Marka”, in Okela Sormen Lantegia (Bilbao), and the collective “DIME DAME” in the AIRE Gallery. In 2018 she participated in the Tabakalera residency programme. Her work lies somewhere between painting and performing arts within the “Tripak” collective.

Right now, I could do many things, but it turns out that I paint. And my paintings might have been everything they are not, but they ended up being what they are. Any of my paintings could have been a sun that sets behind the back of an ox, but they are something else.

Landscape, still life, birthday party. None of that, but a bit of everything.