zigor barayazarra

A graduate of Fine Arts from the UPV/EHU in 1999, he carried out his training in Bilbao, Paris, Rotterdam and New York.

Through artistic experimentation his work seeks to highlight the points of encounter between disciplines. Materials, processes or discourses redefine the devices that give meaning to the object, subjectivising spaces, transcending limits and expanding models, thus proposing new meanings for his productions.

His solo exhibitions include: Ejercicios de voluntad – vivir en la escultura (Exercises of the will – living in sculpture) – in CarrerasMúgica (Bilbao) and Garden Troubles in Arizko Dorretxea (Basauri). The groups he was worked with include: 3ª Bienal de Land Art-Lam360º (Third Land Art Biennial-Lam360º) (Ulán Bator), Loop Festival (La Virreina Barcelona), We used to be painters (Bristol); and he has received Juan de Otaola y Pérez de Saracho, Injuve and AECID grants.