carmen pardo: in the labyrinth of listening: between eco-nomy and eco-logy

Carmen Pardo: In the Labyrinth of Listening: between eco-nomy and eco-logy

Legend has it that after killing the Minotaur, Theseus was able to leave the labyrinth thanks to the thread with Ariadne gave him. In the labyrinth of listening, on the other hand, multiple threads are needed and, inevitably, they lead us to an incalculable number of possible conclusions. Each exit matches a type of listening. However, in this talk we are going to examine how to inhabit the labyrinth of listening, not how to leave it. To do so, we will look at how eco-nomy and eco-logy create tension in our sonic, social and mental landscape. Perhaps in this tension it will be possible to invent other ways of inhabiting a labyrinth of listening, which is also the social and mental maze which we have all around us.

You can download the PDF of the programme here [72 KB]