cinema paladin

from 11:00 to 13:00

An experimental exercise based on the post-production and editing phase of film-making has been proposed to the ESCIVI students, with four specific video works as a model to start the process. In this case, in the montage of the video, the ‘raw material’ produced by the student is replaced by a short fragment of a video made by someone else. Bearing in mind that both collage and film montage are based on the connection of different images and new relationships, we aim to create a dialogue between ESCIVI students and the pieces on display.

The four types of video provided as examples are not limiting but will function as a starting point or constituent part and from there each student will be able to work freely.

The pieces resulting from this exercise will be screened in the Sala Bastero cinema in a video session entitled ‘cinema paladin’ throughout the duration of the exhibition (date to be determined).

The pieces created through this proposal will be screened on December 1st at 11.00 a.m. in the Bastero Kulturgunea cinema, within the event “ZINEMA PALADIN”.

*The four examples offered are not intended to be determinative. They are intended to put us in context and to function as a guide. From there, each one can develop their work freely.

To follow in streaming: