contorno desia exhibition

Exhibition Contorno desia, Sandra Cuesta Aizkorbe.

From 8 to 30 September 2014. Jareño Cultural Centre. C/ Baztán, 21. Egia. 20012 Donostia
Opening on Friday, 12 September, from 18h.

The idea of this exhibition is a work not of exhibition but of presentation. Up to now, my work has emerged through actions where objects and sound are handled as forms that are manipulated and that generate a time, a situation, a thing in itself, a performance.

In this next stage the idea is to outline a space where, through sculpture and its register, the ways of doing become visible, where the result is close to the moment when it is processed, when it is made.

When you see someone working, the doing has a component of incomprehension, of not being able to interpret what you are looking at and the attention is drawn to how the things are happening, how they are being made.

In this case, what is sculptural shows the markings of a descriptive observation and its register stays marked on the screen, the paper or the wall, like a contour, and comes through on the other side.

And through the opening of a crack in this bump, is where another point of anchorage emerges. The run-around to what you are looking for is the same route to what is hidden.

Starting out from the premise that something is always hidden, everything manifests itself by transferring the means, indicating some routes or others, in one process or another, where the work itself is the only certainty.