Dietrich Meyer

Dietrich Meyer (Philadelphia, USA, 1987) is a Berlin-based artist. He usually works on media as diverse as sculpture and screen printing, having carried out various interventions in the natural environment, with a constant ritual. On this occasion he presents a series of ten images obtained last spring in Bolintxu, transferred on cloth and displayed on metallic structures that we can find along the way.

“The project that I am contributing to Tarteka is a series of silkscreen printed photographs on canvases that are dyed, using plant and bio matter collected from Bolintxu. The photographs are displayed large and high, in a manner akin to hiking path placards. Whereas hiking placards notate things to look for while on a trek (things like the names of common plant species in the area, or animal life, etc), these placards address the potential loss of special moments in this forest. Whether it be a bundle of ferns about to unravel, or the light coming through the trees casting a pattern of flickering light, or the chance encounter with bees pollinating flowers along the creek, these moments will potentially be drowned out by the sound of car horns. The work hopes to elevate those moments, and to direct people to pause and reflect on the beauty of this biodiverse region.”