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16:00-16:30 eremuak presentation ⇒ video [00:00-15:50]

16:30-17:30 talk by Anna Pahissa video of the conference [15:50-1:14:31]

17:30-18:30 talk by Aimar Arriola in dialogue with Jeleton (Jesús Arpal and Gelen Alcántara) Video of the intervention

19:00-20:30 roundtable Garikoitz Fraga (Belleza Infinita), Elena Aitzkoa + Raúl Domínguez (Lalavandera), Maider Zilbeti, Sergio Rubira (Rms La Asociación), Juan Pérez Agirregoikoa

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One of the main lines of action of eremuak has been to promote a range of different publications such as books of artists, compilations of writings, the minutes of seminars, or specific publishing projects relating to the criticism and theory of art. This Roundtable brings together a number of different players – artists, writers, publishers – who work on publishing projects of different kinds, in order to establish a dialogue concerning the production conditions or distribution and exchange networks required for the development of their proposals.