eremuak conference programme 2017

Thinking about art. Education as a symptom

⇒ You can download the PDF of the programme here.

Wednesday 4th October

15:45 Presentation of the sessions
16:00 Irit Rogoff: For the Exhausted Viewer of Research
17:00 Txomin Badiola: Art, education, love of art
18:00 Round of questions
19:00-20:15 Bulegoa z/b Consonni
20:15 Questions

Thursday 5th October

11:00 Capacete (Helmut Batista)
12:00 Jon Mikel Euba: It’s good in here. let’s get out!
13:00 Round of questions

16:30 Mugatxoan
17:15 Questions
17:30 L’Atelier de L’Observatoire (Mohamed Fariji)
18:15 Questions
18:30 Break
19:00-20:30 Cine-forum: Oliver laxe. Todos vós sodes capitáns (You all are captains) (1h 20min)

Friday 6th October

11:00 Laurence Rassel: Learning to swim
12:00 Ángel Bados: Beyond meaning
13:00 Round of questions

Moderators: Peio Aguirre and Julia Morandeira