eremuak sessions 2023

Friday 28 and Saturday 29 October 2022, in Room Z of Tabakalera

Participating in the sessions: Johanna Gustafsson, Phil Collins, Leire Vergara, Estanis Comella, Ibon RG, Alejandro Alonso, Mikel Escobales, Disdira, Herética(s) and Itziar Markiegi.

This year’s sessions propose to delve deeper into and reflect on the format itself. In this regard, we propose “Down with the Scene Kid 606 [Jardunaldiak/Saioa]”, sessions which are carried out as a situation through which different ways of understanding can arise based on sharing through art and its own forms (plural). In addition to a talk or conference format, we would like to try out other forms of associating and sharing experiences, where intensities can vary and things can seep into each other, with the intention that it is the succession or simultaneity of events that will pre-form (give shape to) what these sessions will generate as a result. In the more programmatic aspect, the different proposals we present in the form of sessions will be aimed at each artist’s interventions focused on a specific project (previous or in the works) as a propositional exercise (in the process stage).  

This year’s sessions will have an international flavour, with the participation of artists and other local, national and international agents. They will take place in Room Z at Tabakalera, San Sebastian, on Friday 27 October in the afternoon (from 17:00) and Saturday 28 October in the morning and afternoon. 

Also, in parallel and as part of the same sessions, the artist Phil Collins will give a workshop with a group of artists that will take place in the Artist’s Space in Tabakalera.

In addition, as in previous years, there will be presentations reflecting the activity promoted by eremuak this year, as well as the presentation of the 10th issue of the eremuak magazine.