Palacio Horcasitas (Martin mendia, 14), and other locations in Balmaseda


Leyre ArraizaJavier OzcoidiIskandar RementeriaIker Ruiz de Apodaka


A priori, two torsions of the Harriak programme’s implicit conditions begin to shape an offering without content yet with purpose: the first of which involves modifying the material conditions of an equalisation gesture between mediator and artists to facilitate common work rooted in Balmaseda’s local context in relation with the exhibition’s specific space; a question that inevitably influences the project’s temporary conditions and, as such, leads us to the second torsion: placing ourselves in a work approach on what and how to show the most vulnerable moment of an open creation process, taking advantage of this risk in order to elude the hegemony of a conclusive image-exhibition. Thus, the two gestures have evolved into a pact: assuming the possibility of failure yet also transforming ourselves, moving between individual desire and collective handling of the principle factors that will determine the task, as well as the adoption of tools the programme offers. In this way, to avoid falling into the trappings of a conclusive image-exhibition, we will make an attempt at continuity a posteriori; a second time, another possibility. This is the situation. We will see how it unfolds. (4 October 2022).




04/11/22 – 18:30 (Palacio Horcasitas)

ACTION 1 – What image needs no song

04/11/22 – 20:00 (in the street)

ACTION 2 – Untitled

04/11/22 – 20:15 (in the street)


27/11/22 – 12:30


action 1

action 2

action 3