Monday to Friday: 17:00-20:00.

Saturday and Sunday: 12:00-14:00.

Closed on october 3 and 12


Zallako Kultur Etxea
Euskadi Plaza 9, 48860 Zalla (Bizkaia)


Adrián RomeroEider García LeteGorka LazpiurMatxalen Oñate


Mikel Ruiz Pejenaute


Arantza Santesteban



complementary activities


September 16 at 18:00 hours.

In the context of the exhibition, public presentation of the project (welcome) and discussion with the participating artists and the mediator.

Public meeting with the Ezkipean Batuak

October 5 from 17:00 to 19:00

Public meeting with the Ezkipean Batuak work group

The top floor of the Casa de Cultura in Zalla is not a typical exhibition hall; it is an assembly room and a meeting place for different groups from the village itself. For this reason, it has never been thought of as a venue for exhibitions until now. Taking advantage of this new opportunity, and in return for the provision of the space by the town hall, a meeting with the Ezkipean Batuak working group is proposed. This is a group of local women who meet weekly in these same premises in order to learn and address different issues together.

This particular meeting, which is due to take place on 5 October, proposes a guided tour with the mediator and an occasion on which to present a selection of contemporary artistic proposals and processes in the local area. It will also be an opportunity to meet and exchange views. This activity is open to everyone.