Inauguration, October 1


Bastero Kulturgunea, Andoain (Gipuzkoa)


Ane AzkonaSandra Cuesta and Larraitz Torres, Jone Laspiur


Maite Alonso Cuadrado


Íñigo Gómez, Itziar Gutierrez, Ane Lekuona

Formal Formal

The words, the sentences, the songs, then the objects. But is this exhibition a song in progress? What implications does directly questioning messages have? When something is named does it start to exist? Aware of the inherent impossibility of language, the artists play, manipulate and pervert territories with established logics. Language is form.


Juan 1:1
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

additional activities

Las Colombina’s

‘Grand Radiate’ by Las Colombina’s (, a music project based on the interweaving of the work by Larraitz Torres and Sandra Cuesta. Sound will be worked on via songs linked to one another through variations that transform the state produced and the convention of the situation.

With the collaboration of Jon Beloki, a member of Punttuka Bertso Eskola and ESCIVI Andoain.

Listening at the exhibition.


Ane Azkona

An experimental study that moves between video, installation and action. It arises due to the need to provide personal answers to contemporary political and identitarian conflicts.

With the collaboration of SEKSI SEKASI (performer) and ESCIVI Andoain.

Installation that will be added to the exhibition.


Jone Laspiur

Video clip. The piece is based on systematised messages that the working class receives on public transport, etc.

With the collaboration of ESCIVI Andoain.

Piece that will be added to the exhibition.

Bastero Kulturgunea
Ondarreta kalea, 1

  • Opening hours:
    • monday to friday from: 18.30h – 20.00h (tuesday closed)
    • saturday: 10.30 -13.30 / 18.00h – 20.00h