Opening times:

from monday to friday: 18:00–20:00 
on saturday: 10:30–13:30 / 18:00–20:00



Bastero Kulturgunea, Ondarreta Kalea, 1 (Andoain)


Madame Tytania Unlimited (aka Itziar Bilbao Urrutia), Miel Oyarzabal, Oier Iruretagoiena


Iñaki Garmendia


Gizon txikia ez denenan -hylé-morphé  (Iñaki Garmendia)

gizon txikia ez denean- hylé-morphé

Arin-astuna. Without knowing it, certain rectifications can be appreciated in the way the objects are placed and rest on each other, as if doubting –that hesitation–, the wake left by the “moved” thing compromised all the surrounding space and filled it:  A photo –only the photo remains, entitled “Kitchen’s Queen”, from the pile of plates and cups, a small figure with eight teats; the unequivocal and delirious absurdity of the “escena de campo 6” drawings; or the startling metonymical figure of the “Pantocrator” in Argi-arkua.

The minimal gesture of the verb, the indiscernible “moving” and the invisible “filling”; and everything starts there: some pieces of medium-density fibreboard with the outline of a high-heel shoe serving as support to uphold something soft, and the posing softness is division and closure, between the light and the heavy, in this game of equivalences and scales, without size, for when the little man –that one– isn’t around. As when we talk about making or drawing “little men”…

Parallel activities

Opening: October 4, 7pm

In parallel with the exhibition, two activities complementary are offered:

– Presentation of the exhibition by the mediator Iñaki Garmendia together with the artists Miel Oyarzabal, Oier Iruretagoiena and  Itziar Bilbao Urrutia | Friday, October 4, 7pm.

An invitation to view: Edorta Langara “Pixi” invites us to revisit his installation “H.B.” (2006) today. Through a “spoken” session –with the help of images and some sound surprises–, he will introduce us to the imagination that led him to create this piece. A complete “Made in Andoain” performance experience | Saturday, November 9, 18pm.