Enkarterri kalea 5, Gueñes
Thursday to Sunday
11:00 – 14:00


ARENATZarte (Güeñes)


Antonio MenchenIon Arregi and Martin FerranKoenraad Van den DriesscheNestor Basterretxea


Nader Koochaki


Agua terrosa, tierra acuosa, piedras, tumbas (Elena Martínez Rubio / Elena Galzusta)

harriak: “Barru, barren, barrene” erakusketa Güeñes

Barrubarren or barrene is the name of a handball game which is called different things depending on where it is played. It’s a game for everyone, irrespective of their age or gender. A person’s physical ability does not determine whether or not they can play. Anyone can take part, even those who have never tried it before. At the same time, the words barruabarrena or barrenea refer to what exists inside a body, shape or structure.

Travelling exhibition

Barru barren, barrene is a travelling exhibition that comes from the Arriaran dam, an unusual enclave of Beasain. This dam, which combined civil engineering and art, stands apart thanks to having Urbidea incorporated into its dyke. Urbidea is a collection of sculpture by Nestor Basterretxea that houses the dam’s maintenance and control rooms. Conceived within one of these sculptures, Barru, barren, barrene presents works by this artist, as well as Antonio Menchen, Koenraad Van den Driessche, Ion Arregi, and Martin Ferran. This exhibition is displayed at Gueñes as the second chapter of an experimental showing, as the pieces presented are works in progress that undergo variations with each .