ARENATZarte (Güeñes)


Diego VivancoEstibaliz SádabaIago Rey de la FuenteIrati InorizaMiriam Isasi


Leyre Goikoetxea

harriak: exposición “cuando el arte es una forma de comportamiento…”*

The action is the present. Every object denotes a previous action, manufacture or production. The action can be seen and heard in the audiovisual realm. Sculpture makes us feel and perceive physically, in the invasion of space, in the same place and time as our body.

The figure of the artist has been through a process of evolution, and regression, over the years. Romantic maker in the whole process of creation or extended creator. The figure of the artist is wide-ranging and precise, important and far-reaching. It is a profession. Setting limits to it, however, is extremely complicated.

Through a brief tour of works by artists working within this context, the aim is to generate a critical response to the present day. Availing ourselves of various works, some more direct, others more poetic, and even some that seem to be distant from the subject but that in fact also touch on it, we want to raise questions, doubts, interests, and perhaps propose answers …

“When art is a form of behaviour, software predominates over hardware in the creative sphere.” In this way Roy Ascott, in 1967, expressed the importance of the practice, conduct, behaviour, style and the pattern or action as opposed to the materiality of art objects. The works on show in the exhibition might be seen as a reflection of this line of thought.

Opening times at ARENATZarte :
Thursday, Friday and Saturday 11:00-14:00 and 17:00-20:00
Sunday: 11:00-14:00

TransportTrain: FEVE c/Bailen kalea, 2 (48003 Bilbao); and bus: Bizkaibus