Casa de Cultura Micaela Portilla (Alegría-Dulantzi, Álava)


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Olatz Otalora

harriak: exposición “erromantiko”

Cady Noland tells a story something like this: a child is going down a New York street eating an ice cream and smashes it against a phone booth. We’re going to be at the Kultur Etxea (cultural centre) of Dulantzi for a week, with our work in the exhibition room. We have to put together an exhibition. I see a pink ice cream in a tacky cone and a blue booth, a blond child, in the shade but the sun is shining, below a very tall building. The child is going downhill along the street; of course, the street goes downhill. And the ice cream is flattened against the booth. If we succeed in getting a picture, it will be in a deliberate artistic relationship.

Let’s see what happens. I’ll be looking into the relationship, where the “chuik” is; like when you kiss someone on the cheek – “Mwah!”. That’s what I’m after.

20 April