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Kritalezko ehuna   (Camila Téllez)

harriak: exposición “trenza” Ea

A braid is made of fabric, it is a hairstyle, it is a rope, and it is also a bread roll. There are braids of garlic, of roots, of sprigs, French, African, Greek, Roman, Mexican, Dutch, Japanese, Viking, inverted, sewn in, cascading, stepped, headband, boxer, crown, puff pastry, fish, side…

At least three are needed to make a braid.
You have to divide to make a braid, dividing ends into at least three to be able to make a braid. Dividing to unite, to strengthen, strengthen by braiding, weaving.

We braid, intertwine, interweave, crossing strands, strings, fibres, cords, strands of hair… materials that are flexible, easy to handle, crossing them, repeatedly one over another, three by three.

We create structures, patterns, fabrics that expand, producing lines that fall, hang, and connect…
Braids that are straight and curved at the same time, that zigzag.
And all the little hairs that escape from the braids.

Braids that embellish, to eat, made of sweet bread, of nuts, of puff pastry.
To strengthen, hair braids, ropes of hair.
Braids in movement.

Three braids, three braiding, three braiding braids.