Kai bidea, 2. Ea.
8 August – 30 August 2019
Tuesday through Friday,17:00 – 20:00


Eskolondo, Ea


Katixa Goldarazena, Iñigo Pastrana, J.F.Vaquero Mata


Sandra Cuesta Aizkorbe


Sin título (Anton Iturbe)

harriak: “hau ez da hau”

In a boat, to bear away (in Spanish abatimiento) is not when you are sad,

It is the act of the wind pushing you off your initial course. The wind causes the displacement of the Upperworks (Obra Muerta), the structural part of a boat that is not in contact with water.

It is the deviation in the process of a form; movement between what is planned and what is carried out.

Here, manoeuvring is also displacement in the meaning of terms: Underbody (Obra Viva) is the part of the boat’s hull that is submerged under water.

In drawing, a projection (abatimiento) lets us calculate real dimensions by projecting an image, or vice versa: an object and its shadow.

The image, spaced out.

The memory of a bakery that connected to a furniture store through a bright hallway. The smell of bread and furniture.

Restless sleep reveals sounds, just as they are. As if listening for the first time

to a song, separating its elements and becoming aware of what you hear.