Bastero Kulturgunea, Ondarreta street 1, (Andoáin, Guipúzcoa)


Miren BarrenaLeire Lacunza Miranda e Ibon Landa Amutxategi


Damaris Pan


El arte de gobernar accidentes (Iñigo Astiz)

harriak: “paladin”

The paladin is credited with strength of mind and a desire to put this to the test in adventure. From verse to verse the names change and here these champions of noble causes are called Miren, Ibon and Leire. Their strong and enduring enthusiasm enables them to renew our sense of humour and revive the eternal illusion of creation in their video, concrete and paper pieces.

They negotiate using art as a means of knowledge without hypotheses, of communication of nothing, of de-subjectivised subjectivity, because their strength is before the subject and culture, with which they reach an agreement at the intersection of power and non-power. In the yes of no. In the discomfort between force and the norm. In the untimely. In that paradoxical beauty that requires a Form from a bad form, which does not exist.

Always in part immigrants, in part teenagers, a little in love, slightly accidental. Belonging irrevocably to their time, they speculate with the whole body through materials in one way or another, making cracks in ideals from the past to modify them, each in their own way. And in these avatars anything can become a medium and anything mediated.

Opening on 6 November at 18:30.

Additional activity: *** Cinema paladin ***

In collaboration with the ESCIVI Film and Video School
Date: December 1st.
Time: 11.0013.00
Place: Bastero Kulturgunea