Design and layout of the critical : Adrián Romero


Zalla (Bizkaia)


Sarah Rasines, Akane Saraiva, Silitia, Vutron Dantzall


Enrike Hurtado


Ukaldi (001), Iñigo Basaguren-Duarte


Concert, dance, recital, festival, rave, party… These are ways we call that moment when we come together around and through music. Daggering, voguing, twerking, pogo, waacking, moshing, popping, stage diving, b-boying, headbanging… These refer to the ways we move to the rhythm. If music builds us up as individuals while creating a community, as Simon Frith and Jacques Attali say, what kind of individuals and community give rise to music today?

In this session, we will listen to sound-music beyond rhythms or melodies, we will see the deconstruction of a rock or pop concert, enjoy a collective remixing of music that comes to us from the diaspora, and there will also be bodies describing movements with no beginning or end.

  • 15:00-17:00 
    • How to DJ? tailerra (Vutron Dantzall). Mimetiz school gymnasium
      Discover the art of DJing while learning and practising basic digital song mixing techniques.
    • DIY cassette self-publishing workshop (Sarah Rasines). Madres Irlandesas Square multi-use space
      You no longer need to sign with a major label to produce your music. Under the banner of do it yourself, we will learn how to self-produce cassettes in its purest, most fanzine-like way.
  • 17:45 – 22:30. Concerts at Plaza Euskadi
    • 17:45 Presentation
    • 18:00 Sarah Rasines
    • 18:30 Silitia
    • 19:30 Vutron Dantzall
    • Screening of Akane Saraiva‘s video Atiza from 18:00 to 22:30