Grants for artistic practice

As an observatory of the Basque artistic context and responding to a detected need for the support and protection of the procedurality inherent in working in art, eremuak is launching a new call to award 2 grants for artistic practice.

Based on our trust in the work of artists, the aim is to contribute, through this call, to the creation of working time free from the constraints of predefined projects and, in general, unattached to any requirements that are not linked to the creation process itself. Likewise, eremuak seeks to establish a two-way dialogue with the recipients that may be enriching for both parties.

2023 Resolution

artists: Nadia Barkate and Mikel Escobales

2022 Resolution

artists: Luis Candaudap and Claudia Rebeca Lorenzo

2021 Resolution

artists: Damaris Pan and Leo Burge.

2020 Resolution

artists: Laida Lertxundi and Tripak kolektiboa.