harriak: complementary activities of the Xena exhibition

Children’s clay mermaid workshop
  • 12:00-13:30 h Children’s clay mermaid workshop in the garden of Palacio Horcasitas (1st part)
  • 17:00- 17:45 h The workshop continues on the banks of the Kadagua river (2nd part).

The workshop is led by Ainhoa Lekerika and is designed for children. Harriak mediator Susana Talayero will accompany and assist the artist throughout the workshop.

The workshop consists of 15 children moulding white clay figures of mermaids relating to Ainhoa’s own offering that follows her work exhibited in Palacio Horcasitas. The children will visit said exhibition with the artist and mediator before beginning the workshop.  In the palace’s garden, they will mould mermaid figures that they will leave to dry (in different places around the garden) until 17h, when the group of children, the artist, and the mediator will go down to the banks of the river to release their clay mermaids into the river’s current, if the children choose to.

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Reciting with autotune

18:00 h Reciting with autotune. M. Benito Píriz will recite her own texts on her artistic practice with autotune in the exhibition space, where urban culture and her own generation will be the subject matter. The event will last approximately 15 minutes.

Open process exhibit for Balmaseda

18:30 h Open process exhibit for Balmaseda. Ander Perez Puelles shows the creation process of a video piece that he will record in the streets of Balmaseda, which will be presented in the exhibition space. This exercise is contemplated through what is being done that, at the same time, opens the door to reviewing the work processes involved in his artistic production through public participation. The event will last approximately 20-30 minutes.

Performance by Chavezito

19:00 h Performance by Chavezito in the garden of Palacio Horcasitas, guest artist of Bapore Atelier, which adds to Harriak’s programme.

*Txakoli Astorbizea (limited edition) offered by OREXINAL, association for the culture and heritage of Balmaseda.