harriak: defensa próxima (close defence), talk-workshop with miriam isasi

Talk-workshop on Saturday 16 July at 11:00 (duration approximately 3 hours). Registration: inscripcionesmil@gmail.com

The workshop is based on the group exhibition Cuando el arte es una forma de comportamiento… (When art is a form of behaviour…), in which a piece that is part of a larger project, Monumento inmaterial (Intangible monument), is presented. For this purpose, different places of passage, transit and battle of the resistance groups during the Spanish Civil War and the Second World War are brought into play. A metal detector is used to look for shrapnel, to melt it down and transform it into an almost ornamental object.

The first part of the workshop will present the methodology used by Isasi in the development and implementation of various projects, as a way to approach her work .
In the second part, we will focus attention on the “Cinturón de hierro” (“Ring of iron”) as a line of defence and of attack, as a place of resistance. We propose making a tour, close to Güeñes, in which we will try to find shrapnel with a metal detector, as a way of getting closer to the experience and to the process that takes place within her projects. In this way we will be able to approach the presented work from another perspective, while also making reference to its central theme.

More information about the work of Miriam Isasi in www.miriamisasi.com