harriak: “itzuli barik” parallel activities

In Arrasate/Mondragon, we have put together a variety of activities about and involving the exhibition, with the aim of affecting it from different vantage points. On the one hand, we have designed an art laboratory that aims to create a meeting space with the group of young artists TTAK!. Alazne, Daniel, Natalia and Leire have proposed various exercises in order to share a part of the artists’ methodological world with the young women from TTAK!. In this way, they present the raw essence of art work and propose certain interferences in the exhibition. Alternatively, it may be that the artists’ practices are affected by the participation of TTAK!.

For the time being, Ekiñe will play at the inauguration and we will produce a collective publication that captures a record of the laboratory experience. In addition, a workshop on feminist artistic practices will be held, as this is one of the young women’s particular interests. Another of our objectives is to extend the idea of ​​culture, so four “bertsolaris” (traditional Basque singers) will occupy the Kulturate square during the inauguration. We will also bring the story of Arrasate/Mondragón to the fore, reading the exhibition pieces in the context they occupy and to seek other types of influence.

Jarduera Osagarriak

Irailak 6,7,8:

– Arte Laborategia. Alazne Zubizarreta, Daniel Llaría, Natalia Suárez eta TTAK! gazte taldea

TTAK! gazte-taldeko partaideekin batera egindako arte laborategitik ateratako argitalpena.


Irailak 20, 19:00etan:

– Bertso-saioa. Miren Artetxe, Maddi Gallastegi, Maider Arregi, Ane Zuazubiskar.
– Bertsio-kontzertua. Ekiñe Casado


Urriak 20, 12:00etan:

– Bisita gidatua. Ana Isabel Ugalde