jornadas 101

Living organisms always generate residual flux. Arqueología del desecho works residue as a valuable information source to understand how fashion organisms function.
The result is the study of this organism’s aesthetics. In the bonding between the wearable object and anthropology, we analyze fashion as both production and waste, seeds from the constant desire for creation.
This multisensorial proposal blurs the boundaries between public and exhibition space hosting an installation, activities, and workshops.
Arqueología del desecho will take place in Bilbao, next fall 2021 and it’ll gather artworks from artists:

  • Beatrice Oettinger
  • Benoît Le Boulicaut
  • Drakis (Ulldeter/Candlelight)
  • Dogartzi Magunagoicoechea
  • Isaac Anis
  • Isabella Kressin
  • Firpal Jawanda
  • Lewis Dussurget
  • Ser Viu

☆ ⋆ ‿︵✧‿✦ JORNADAS 101 ✦‿✧︵‿ ⋆☆

➢ 29th October: ¡Pruébatelo!
Participative try-on apparel photoshoot, limited spots.

➢ 30th October: Construcción colectiva de fachada + Baile de celebración
Participative crochet, knitting, and knotting techniques artwork + afternoon celebration music by Ulldeter

➢ 31st October: Repair Saloon
Workshops related to the different artworks of the exhibition, we’ll print on textile, knit, and redo our clothing.
➢ 1st November: 011121: Es hora de comer
Collective vermuth.

Arqueología del desecho

29th October ~ 21st November

Wednesdays and Thursdays 17h~20h, Saturdays and Sundays 11h~14h + by appointment

  Divinoteka,Plaza de los Tres Pilares, 2,

48003 Bilbao, Bizkaia